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Ants Gourmet

Finishing Salt

Finishing Salt

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Luxuriously flaky sea salt accentuates the intricate and bold flavors of our ants. We blend two distinct species of ants to showcase the extraordinary aromatics and flavor.

Chef's pairing: grilled steak

Delicious, sustainable, and made from extraordinary new flavors.

Experience the world's most premium ants. All our products are gluten free!

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Product Review

We asked some of our local comedian friends in Austin, TX to tell us what they thought of our ant-infused products. Here's what happened.

  • Aly from CA

    "There’s something very fun about this! OMG it smells amazing … it’s going to take some will power not to just eat this straight … wow, that is actually delicious."

  • Brian from MA

    "This salt is wild! I feel like a chef when I use it in the kitchen at home. And the smell is really unique and fun."

  • Stephen from MO

    "This is the craziest salt you will EVER taste. "

  • Gluten Free

    All our products are gluten free

  • Made in Austin

    Our head chef has cooked at multiple Michelin-star restaurants

  • Allergen info

    People allergic to shellfish may be allergic to ants