• Heather from Maryland

    "I've used the ant sauce a lot. I use it now as a replacement for soy sauce, MUCH lower in sodium, and goes just fine with sushi (which was the ultimate test for me)."

  • Joe from D.C.

    “There is something about the balance of this sauce that is perfect. Great kick, but also highlights flavors.”

  • Paul from Alaska

    "I was visiting a friend in Austin a couple weeks ago who had some Aunt Sauce. It was delicious. I thought it was so unique, and wanted to bring some into work to share with my coworkers."

  • Chris from Texas

    "I can't say enough about the Ants Gourmet original sauce! I had it yesterday for lunch on my beef fajita tacos. I normally would only eat 2 tacos cause I'm fat enough already,  but I made a 3rd just to have a reason to pour out more of the bottle ... Holy MOLY ROLY POLY this sauce is the STUFF!!!"

  • Becca from Texas

    "The hot sauces add a perfect kick to tacos or eggs -- an exciting new twist on old favorites. They provide any dish with a certain je ne sais quoi, which of course, is ants! I love how ants are disrupting the condiment world."

  • Sarah from D.C.

    “Wonderful sauce! Great kick, with a tang that highlights the food rather than overpowers it. Good job”

  • Andrew from Virginia

    "Ants Gourmet delivers some of the most flavorful and unique products on the market.  Their hot sauces can't be beat!"