My Sauce has Ants in it. What Should I do?

Correct. We put them there! Eat 'em and love it!

Are Your Products Gluten Free?

Yes. All Ants Gourmet products have been lab tested and are gluten-free using the 20 ppm standard of detection.

Are the Ants Visible?

Part of our proprietary processing involves finely grinding and filtering our ants as we infuse the flavor, so there are no whole ants or large chunks of ants in any of our products.

Are People Allergic to Shellfish Also Allergic to Ants?

Don't eat ants if you're allergic to seafood as these insects share a family relation to shellfish.

Why Ants?

We’re fascinated with novel flavors that most people have never experienced. Because different types of ants have wildly diverse flavor profiles, we’ve sorted through the 15,000+ species so you can taste the most delicious and unique varietals.

We also believe ants are the greatest untapped source of sustainable food on the planet. Their biomass is comparable to that of humans, and they grow and multiply significantly faster -- meaning they're abundant and easy to replenish. 

What Are the Nutritional Benefits of Ants?

Our ants contain over 50% protein and are filled with fiber and minerals like iron, zinc, and manganese.

Which of Your Products Have the Strongest Ant Flavor?

Ant Sauce, Honey, and Salt are the three products with the strongest and clearest ant flavor. After tasting those products, it becomes much easier to pick out the unique notes of ant in all the others.

Why Don’t People Eat Ants?

They do! Ants have been a celebrated delicacy around the world for centuries. This is especially true of many cultures in Latin America and Southeast Asia. 

World-renowned chefs have also highlighted the unique flavor of ants, even using them in dishes at Michelin-starred restaurants. We want to build on this tradition and share the experience with everyone.

Do Different Species of Ant Actually Taste Different?

Yes! Much like how different cheeses boast a range of flavors, different ant species are similarly diverse. Many factors contribute to this including broad differences in size, terrain, climate, and diet. Ants are also brilliant little chemists who create unique blends of pheromones and acids.

Is Making Delicious Ant Sauce an Art or a Science?

We value both! Our lead chef has experience working in Michelin-star restaurants. Our lead scientists have PhDs in biochemistry and myrmecology, i.e. the study of ants.

Why Are Edible Insects Considered Sustainable?

Insects are one of the most sustainable food sources on the planet because they require a fraction of the resources that traditional livestock do. Consuming more insects in your diet is a simple way to adopt a climate-friendly lifestyle.

Unlike most insects, ants provide a unique, desirable flavor and can be used as a seasoning in many dishes. Most other insects are blande in taste and need to be mixed with other flavors to become more palatable.

What is Your Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy?

If you are unhappy with your Ants Gourmet products, we'll refund your money. This applies to orders under $100. Email ants@antsgourmet.com with any questions.